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Various Updates 2k8

As always, I’ve been hard at work on a wide variety of projects over the past few months which has kept me quite busy.

Been working with mr. Paul Vaillant over Frontex Reporting on a new design for their website. Look for this to launch in the coming months. FRONTEX is a web-based reporting system which turns raw financial data into a powerful portfolio review and presentation experience, built on a pretty nifty flash front. Cool stuff.

Working on some UI designs for Visible Measures. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about their app as it’s hush hush right now but I can say it absolutely is an amazing product.

Stay tuned for a re-design of the Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle‘s website. Working with Krista Kenner and Adam Altman whom I’ve also help build his wonderful Shopify Shop.

Events in India‘s new design was recently launched. Worked with a wonderful rails coder, mr. Neeraj Kumar from Flexaxis . Neeraj needed help updating the look of and I did what I do best designed and supplied the html/css.

Another great Shopify Design up at This project comes to be thanks to mr. Scott Annan from Mercury Grove, thank you sir.

If you’d like Reconfigure to help with one of your web projects, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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