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Email campaign tips

I have done my fair share of email campaigning for various clients and this knowledge mixed with some tips from the pros can surely help you get started.

Whether you want to do a campaign, subscription newsletter or you just want to email a bunch of potential clients you should do a little reading.

Here are some decent tips from the pros:

My advice:

– Keep it simple
– Use straight forward, plain english, no marketing jargon
– Keep it short, but not too short
– Track your clicks, you don’t know how well it’s working if you ain’t tracking clicks.
– Look at the newsletter spam you get from other companies in your inbox and you delete immediately, do the opposite.
– Look at the newsletter spam that you actually read in your inbox, copy that.
– Be honest and as helpful as possible
– Easy on the graphics, at the least provide text alternatives as many email readers disable images
– Test your spam rating for free . If you use, I believe it has free tests for this.
– Want to get real technical, here’s the rules for Spamassasin one of the largest spam filters ( That I use actively and works amazingly )

If all that seems like alot of work, then simply contact me and I can help you out.

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