• Bekant sit / stand desk in Canada

    The Canadian website makes it hard and rather impossible to order this desk online or make it clear that it exists for Canadian purchase. Well I can confirm that is does exist. If you're like me you've scoured the site after seeing the gizmodo article trying to find this cost effective sit/stand desk. The competition is selling their desks above the $1k mark. Took me a visit for some kids bedding to spot one on display at the Ottawa location so I asked if they had any and indeed they did but the clerk mentioned they sell fast.

    Table Top $99

    There's 3 top types and various colors you can choose from. I can't say for sure which sku is the other top models but the one I got was Article # 602.532.35

    Base $500

    I can't find the article # on the site but it's #502.632.25 and the description on the receipt is: Update, they have some in stock! BEKANT sit/stand undrfrm/tbl top 160x80 white NA For now, on the website it seems they only have the corner base. Anyhow, visiting or calling Ikea may be your only option for now if you want the regular desk. They had a few left at the Ottawa location as of Jan 18 2015. Happy standing!
  • I’m a Dad!

    We have a new addition to the family, Adèle, born January 18th 2012 weighing in at 6 pounds 15 ounces. With that said, I will be spending the following months spending most of my time with her and Mom. I won't be able to take on any projects that are time sensitive but will help people out as best as I can while focusing mostly on baby. I do however need to keep paying bills so if your have a project that is not timely and wish to do business with a new Dad, then please feel free to contact me with details about your project. Thank you for your patience! Ss
  • Ottawa geek BBQ photos

    Ottawa geek bbq was a gathering of area freelancers and entrepreneurs graciously hosted by Chris Schmitt of TeamCamp.ca.
    His place was quite amazing and many thanks go to him for hosting and Jamie from idealienstudios.com for setting the whole thing up.

    We all had fun chillin, eating, disc golfing and previewing the impressive theatre room. Would surely participate again. I snapped a few shots and they can be viewed over at my flickr set.

  • President Obama visits Ottawa

    President Obama will visit Ottawa on February 19th. My old colleague Scott Lake helped the Rideau institute setup http://www.welcomeobama.ca/ which is a website for Canadians to submit messages and videos to President Obama. The Rideau Institute will then release a report outlining which issues seem most important to Canadians. I will be on the hill that day with my mega lens to try and capture some photos.

  • Shopify now supports spaces in tags!

    The Shopify folk recently announced a new this feature will help organize online Shopify stores in a much cleaner fashion. I avoided tags in Shopify in the past because having something like Long-Sleeved-Shirt for navigation wasn’t very appealing or grammatically correct. Now I’ll be able to use Collections for main navigation and Tags for sub navigation in a much cleaner manner.

    Horray Shopify team!

  • My top 5 best looking, usable, inspiring applications

    Usability and Design being what Reconfigure strives to achieve, I thought I’d share my opinions as to what applications out there inspire and lead my area of expertise. Let’s face it, there’s allot of mediocrity out there but every now and then you try something, and you get that sense of, “Wow, this is awesome”. And everytime you use it, or see it, that feeling doesn’t fade. Well, here’s a few apps that gives me that vibe every time I see it or use it.


  • Leaving people behind?

    Something shocking, yet inspiring. I’ve been doing web work for many years now and I’m still surprised at the amount of people I will speak with and hear the following:

    “I was working with a design team on getting my website up and things didn’t go through and now I have to start from scratch, can you help?”


  • Happy Holidays

    I’ve been very lucky the past few months as I’ve been working with some great people on some great projects. I’d like to wish everyone a great holiday season and best of luck in the new year.

    Great examples of where web applications are headed can be found here, it’s a little outdated but I like to visit the winners, and runner ups every now and then.

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