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Bekant sit / stand desk in Canada

The Canadian website makes it hard and rather impossible to order this desk online or make it clear that it exists for Canadian purchase. Well I can confirm that is does exist. If you’re like me you’ve scoured the site after seeing the gizmodo article trying to find this cost effective sit/stand desk. The competition is selling their desks above the $1k mark. Took me a visit for some kids bedding to spot one on display at the Ottawa location so I asked if they had any and indeed they did but the clerk mentioned they sell fast.


There’s 3 top types and various colors you can choose from. I can’t say for sure which sku is the other top models but the one I got was Article # 602.532.35

BASE $500

I can’t find the article # on the site but it’s #502.632.25 and the description on the receipt is: Update, they have some in stock!BEKANT sit/stand undrfrm/tbl top 160×80 white NA For now, on the website it seems they only have the corner base. Anyhow, visiting or calling Ikea may be your only option for now if you want the regular desk. They had a few left at the Ottawa location as of Jan 18 2015. Happy standing!

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