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Reconfigure turns 3!

3 years ago I was given the bad, but great news that I was being laid off. Starting my own business and going solo was something that was in the back of my mind for many years. Throughout all the jobs I’ve had one thing rang true. Clients loved me and my work ethic.

Thus started Reconfigure. With zero investment in advertising, hard work, honesty and being straight forward with people I now have a constant flow of work to do and I’m proud of where I am in life and love what I do.

I do have some ambassadors to thank for passing the reconfigure word along. Shopify and the folks at Shopify play a big role in keeping me busy. All my friends and family, past co-workers and employers always spread the good word. Most of all, I thank my clients which all seem to be very pleased with my work and also send people my way. Without that, I’d be out of business as they say, so I very much appreciate it.

I don’t update as often as I should but have been working on a new site for the new year. People come first so no ETA on that. 🙂

Cheers and thank you everyone.


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