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Steve & Bill have created a different type of modern retail environment. One where people can easily find healthier, more sustainable home and body products under one roof. One where products are carefully selected from vendors big and small, based on a system of ethics developed to both guide our buying principles and help customers find brands that fit their values. One that has created a community that thrives on innovative products produced by brands, the customers that use them, and our commitment to making it easier to make healthier choices for both people and the planet.


This site was challenging as we tackled many features that did not come with Shopify out of the box.

I helped integrate their brand into a custom theme featuring complex navigation, filters, mega menus, implementing their ethics icons and much more.

It was and still is a pleasure working with Nick Turenne
Marketing Manager over at Terra20. Great site, great story.


Steph helped us with some custom elements including building a reductive nav for our 'ethics' icons, building a series of custom pages (see ecobar for examples) and building a brands menu. Steph was an absolute pleasure to work with and offered very quick turnaround times. I look forward to continuing to work with Steph on custom projects this year!