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Righteous Babe Records is an American independent record label that was created by folk singer Ani DiFranco in 1990 to release her own songs in lieu of being beholden to a mainstream record company.

DiFranco and Fisher stress the importance of community in their business model such as working with local printers whenever possible, hiring friends and like minded people. Label founder Ani DiFranco once called Righteous Babe Records “a people-friendly, sub-corporate, woman-informed, queer-happy small business that puts music before rock stardom and ideology before profit,” and it’s hard to imagine a more accurate mission statement than that one.


I worked closely with Ashley on the Righteous Babe site as well as Ani’s site to mesh them together in one big Shopify implementation.

I helped move everything over and tackled everything from design, development and system administration with the domain names.

I've helped them relaunch the site twice over the past decade. The crew I helped over there has always been extra awesome to work with.


Steph made switching to Shopify easy. He is very familiar with the platform and if there is a feature you need that shopify doesn’t offer he will find a way to get it for you. He is quick to respond to any issues and questions and I would reccomend him to anyone looking for a quick and easy website experience.