Archived: Diva Today

Diva Today by Kelleigh Carlyle Jewelry is an unique online jewelry store for the everyday Diva.

Kelleigh contacted me one day in dire need of help getting her store finished and launched. She had a tight deadline was worried her store would never get finished as the person previously building her site had other emergencies. She gave me a call, told me what she needed and gladly helped getting her store up and running.

I managed to build the Shopify template and helped implementing her newsletter functionality in the time she needed and she was extremely grateful. Her good sense of humour and easy going attitude made her a pleasure her to work with. She was so pleased with my work her husband got me to help out with a few projects of his over at Tom Bannen Chevrolet.

Quote: “Hi Stephane, I am so proud of the site, I thought you did an exceptional job… I will def. recommend you to anyone who’ll listen. Also would you like to put a link to or to your email somewhere on my site? many thanks, kelleigh