Stoked Shopify Theme

Stoked responsive theme is dynamic, simplistic and very user friendly. This premium Shopify theme has a symmetrical appearance, a slideshow with captions and links, a complete currency converter and the ability to customize colours, fonts, dropdowns, navigation and background displays. Make your online store stand out from the pack with this top-rated Shopify theme.

Theme Demo:

Release Notes

Version 3.0
  • Variant images
  • Responsive for mobile
  • Feature request: Product image background colour options in theme settings
  • Resize product image to fit container
  • A slew of fixes for visual inconsistencies
  • New template for /collections and /products pages.
  • Contact page
  • Collection sorting
  • New tags slide in/out on collections
  • Social option updates, new icons
  • Small fix, front page blog had wrong check for empty blog
  • Blog title fix on frontpage
  • Updated and optimized some of the scripts
  • Fixed a few visual inconsistencies
  • Added dropdowns to the top menu (just add nav lists titled the same as the top link)
  • Fixed color issues with hovers
  • Fixed error msg on empty theme settings, added instructions
  • Added new Shopify variant deep linking to fancy variants option
  • Added Compare prices
  • Updated some of the theme settings
  • Added option to stretch the image in the product boxes to fill the whole box. If you have a wide assortment of heights or widths, it will take the smallest and stretch based on that so there’s no whitespace.
  • fixed issue on ios devices where footer was out misaligned
  • Added pintrest social media icon and integrated a “Pin this” button on product pages
  • Added new meta for SEO, using new page_description Shopify tag
  • Updated jquery to 1.8.2, fixed an issue with the slider loading quirk
  • Added customer sign up link to header, support new Shopify option to sign up!
  • Added image.alt | escape to support SEO for images alt tags
  • Fixed some issues with checkout branding
  • Fixed height issue in customer pages where submit was getting cut off
  • Changed hard coded “Featured Collections” title to use the actual selected collection name
  • Added option to stretch the image in the product boxes to fill the whole box. If you have a wide assortment of heights or widths, it will take the smallest and stretch based on that so there’s no whitespace.
  • fixed issue on ios devices where footer was out misaligned
  • Fixed the dropdown menus to use the Shopify method
  • Fixed a few issues with the logo theme settings
  • Added featured collections on front page options
  • Cleaned up some of the theme settings
  • Fixed various spacing inconsistencies
  • Added background color to wrap all content (feature request)
  • Added google font options
  • Currency options (feature request)
  • 2 new themes (2012)
  • Fixed issue with DKK currency
  • Added customer account styles (be sure to select themes/theme settings/additional layouts/customer area layout: theme)
  • Added Social links to product (must enable in settings)
  • Added checkout currency blurb and cart note
  • Added checkout style (Checkout now uses your shop theme settings for branding consistency)
  • Added compare at price for collection and index page
  • New theme settings tab for ON SALE options
  • Fixed issue where no variants was showing $NAN USD
  • Fixed cookie issue where currency didn’t stick when going page to page
  • Added functionality to calculate price when choosing quantity
  • Fixed consistency issue when using non fancy variants and only had 1 variant but multiple options it was using radios as opposed to drop downs
  • Added remove drop menu checkbox so when menus aren’t used it doesn’t call the superfish script
  • Moved Currency JS from external to within assets
  • Added footer options for addthis (facebook, twitter, sharing…)
  • Fixed a few issues where price was not updating properly using non-fancy variant selectors and currency selector
  • Added options for another featured collection on the front page (now supporting 2 featured collections)
  • Added options for footer menu background color and text color
  • Fixed collection page problem with currency converter. Merry Christmas
  • Fixed problem with currency switcher on front page
  • Fixed problem with currency CHF, was showing 0.00
  • Various fixes to be approved for launch
  1. Great theme so far. Is there a way to change the product grid from 4 items per row? Is that a css specific change? Thanks.

    - Rob
  2. I would like the ability to remove the slide show and use the third party Pow’r slider that is available in the app store. It is highly customizable and you can use the number of slides that you need or want. It is also very easy to set up an understand without using any code. Can you please tell me how to remove the slide show …i am able to understand css and a wondering if i remove the slide show and insert the new code in the same place will that replace the existing slideshow. I would also like to see more flexibility with the front page. It’s very limiting. I can’t seem to link it to a page that I create and that option would be great – with the ability to add collections to a wysiwyg page template so that text and other images can be added and manipulated more freely. This to me is the biggest weakness of the theme and probably the most important as it is the interface that greets our guests. I am very unhappy with the limitations of the front page.

    - Mark
    • Edit index.liquid by going to edit html/css in the theme editor. Replace the slide snippet with whatever code you’re using for the new slides.

      How and where would you like to link to pages from? You can link to pages using the navigation menus. You can currently link to collections in the theme settings, you create a linklist to your collections, then choose that linklist in the theme settings. There are better features coming in the next release. Please email me more details and provide an email address that is functional. I’ve responded to several of your email but they bounce. Thank you.

      • Hey. thanks for your reply and the info. Sorry about the email issue – it is corrected now and should be working fine at Maybe I am missing something, and will study your suggestion more carefully as a possible solution, but it seems to me that the “frontage” as defined by a set of slider images and two or three collections is the “hard-wired” landing page for the site. What I would like to have the ability to do is link to a page that i created as the home or start page. For example if i want to add a graphic or some text to the above a collection I can do that on a regular page but if i link that same collection as one of the front page collections, it doesn’t show up on the front page///just the collection I also have a subscription to pow’r which basically are website widgets for a range of things photo grid, video and image slider , and other stuff. It would be nice to have the ability to add those. It just seems as if the front page is veery rigidly defined and limiting and should be the most free in terms of design options IfIf there is a way to by pass the built in front page and go straight to a page that i have created with the wysiwyg editor. And it would be nice to have the ability to add collections as an option there, just not the one and only option. for content on the homepage. .

        - Mark
        • Unfortunately there is currently no option to do what you’re trying to achieve. You would have to edit index.liquid to call content from a page, something like

          {{ pages['about-us'].content }}

  3. Hi, Im just setting up your theme on my new store and for some reason at the bottom of the page it says circlefacebook circleinstagram. The links work, but why does it say circle? is there a way to make it the social media logo?

    - Paul
  4. Good day! I have this problem with the header. pls see link of the image…. 960px width but the header seems to resize and repeat. I use png to have that transparency feel but it turned out to be jpeg… Need help badly.

  5. Hi Steph,

    Came across a small glitch today. I’ve set all my backgrounds to black with white text. At the bottom of the checkout and cart pages there is a link to the Refund Policy that appears with a white background and because I’ve set my text to white it also has white text so it’s white on white. Is there a way to change the text to black or to change the background to black?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Steph! Awesome theme – I’ve been through about 7 and yours is the best! I would like to be able to centre the slideshow on the homepage as my banners aren’t quite wide enough. Could you explain how to do this?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Tracey,
      Glad you like the theme, thank you. Best thing you can do is create your slides to be 950px wide.

      Otherwise you can have a look in the theme / edit html/css
      Look for the line .bx-wrapper img and add margin: 0 auto !important;

      Something like this

      .bx-wrapper img {
          display: block;
          margin: 0 auto !important;
          max-width: 100%;
  7. Is the slide show intended to advance through the slides automatically? If so, mine ain’t. If not, might you suggest or provide some nifty code that could accomplish it?

    • Hi Brian,

      You can add this little bit to the theme code to make it start up automatically.

      Head over to /admin/themes and edit css/html for the theme

      Look under snippets/newslider.liquid

      You’ll see something like this

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
        adaptiveHeight: true,
        mode: 'fade',
        video: 'true',
      preloadImages: 'all',
       captions: true

      Add auto:true so change it to

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
        adaptiveHeight: true,
        mode: 'fade',
        video: 'true',
      preloadImages: 'all',
         auto: true,
       captions: true
  8. The front page “featured blog” is not appearing on my front page when I have it selected to show. I made sure to choose a blog I’d like featured and I did hit the save button.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it isn’t showing up on the front page at all. Help?

    • Hi Brandi, I’ve recently released a fix for this issue. Please email me and I can send you the latest or you should be able to download from the Shopify theme store.

      • Hi Steph,

        When I “re-install” it from the shopify store… will it reset all of the changes I have made to the layout? Such as colors, background, etc.?

        Also, did this fix include the fixing of the front page featured product images not showing up? While trying to feature some of our products, I realized I was getting a “no image” when I tried to feature the individual products. When I feature “collections” those images show up just fine.


  9. Hello.
    I work my way around the template quite well but I can’t get my drop down menu to drop down!!! This is the main reason why I bought this theme.
    Can you help me please.

  10. Hey, I am prob missing something simple. How do you disable the “Was” Price? I just want it to show the price. Also, is there a way to get rid of the white box surrounding the product pictures?

    • Hey John, you can remove the compare at price from your variant options. White box can be changed in theme settings, change white to transparent (you’ll have to type it).

  11. Hello, Great theme! I am trying to revamp a website for someone and the previous person has done the background and footer and some of the top bar links in the coding i believe, so i can’t change anything from the theme settings area. could you show me where that may be and how i can change it? thanks you.

    • Hey Will, cool shop! Your question is difficult to answer as the theme was pretty heavily modified so I’m not sure what was done without looking at the new code. If you’d like to shoot me an email with more details I can have a look at the effort involved and propose time and cost.

  12. HELP! I have been using your stoked theme for almost a year and I love it. However, our slideshow is for does not show up anymore?! I am launching a new product today and I cannot figure out what to do?

    In our “Theme Settings” we have all of the appropriate boxes checked to use slide show and each slide has an image uploaded as well as each box being checked to upload.

    Please help us.

    - Josh
    • Hey Josh, just had a look and it’s showing up fine at my end. Can you provide more detail about your issue or is it resolved?

  13. Is there a way to remove the prices. I was hoping that the prices ONLY show up when a customer clicks on the product but not on the actual image itself…
    Thanks. Check out the website, its password is chocolatechip

    • If you open collection.liquid and index.liquid in the theme editor, you can remove the following and everything in between

      <span class="funkprice"> 

      Please be sure to backup your entire theme before making any changes in case something goes wrong.

  14. Hi Steph, I actually have the same question as damian1. I would love to have collections links below the main slide show area as opposed to featured product links. Is there a way to do this? It would be super helpful! Thank you!

  15. Thinking of buying this theme. But want to make sure I can have a few categories on the main page rather than just products. I want to be able to click on a category on the main page which will now open a new page with those products under that category. Is this possible with this template or is it only products on the main page. Thanx

  16. hi there how easy is it to add products/ categories(in the top bar where you have mens, women’s etc. are these easy to change?)

    Any help much appreciated.


    • You edit all of your links through linklists in Shopify’s admin. If you open a Shopify demo shop and play with the admin section you will see how easy it is.

  17. First thank you for great theme :) I would like to know which way would be the best to have categories w Images instead of links. Like, how you can have the (Featured Frontpage) but just with categories. We would like to have images down below in the area. Thank you for any help! I also followed you on twitter.

    • Hi Damians,

      Glad you enjoy the theme! Not sure I understand the request. I think you are looking to have collections on the front page instead of products? Unfortunately there’s no way to do that within the theme without customizing the code. You can email me with further details or I may just look into adding this as a feature in the future. Cheers.

  18. Hi Steph.

    You guys have made my life SO much easier with this template. I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to launch my website soon – after working on it F/T for almost a month!

    Please, I need some help with a few things. (1) I am using a BLOG page to list all my product categories and “How To” articles. Is there any way to disable the dates from appearing under each blog title and the list on the right with the rectangles? (2) Can the prices be set for one country only and the drop down currency list be disabled? (3) Can the drop down product menus be justified to the RIGHT (away from the logo)?

    All help is much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you. :)

  19. Hi Steph,
    I purchased Stoked today. With hours of trouble shooting i am still having issues. I cannot seem to get the logo high enough to not be covered by the slider. Ive even tried to make the logo tiny but then i run into problems where the logo.png does not save. It seems its stuck on the same size image, which is too tall and sneaks under the slider. White area tweaks and header tweaks offer no help either. Thank you

    - Don
  20. Is there a way to make the product image fill the image box on the Product page? Right now I’m getting a white border around my image. Thanks.

  21. Hey, we’ve been using your them for a while and love it. We were wondering though how we would go about giving the product boxes (Front Page) rounded corners?

  22. Love this theme! I would like to know where the code is in the template to change the background color of the featured product squares from white to another color. I’d like to make it a dark gray to better highlight the graphic products I will be selling. I just need to know where to plug in the hex value.

    - Gene
    • That color is hard coded, which I should change in the future.
      Have a look at the elegant.css.liquid under

      .boxgrid .cover{
      position: absolute;
      top: 80px;
      left: 0;
      background-color: #fff; <—

  23. Why does it resize my Logo which I uploaded to 500px widht?

    • Hi Micheal, there’s a setting in admin/theme/theme editor

      Look for settings.html, down by line 109

      input type=”file” id=”logo_image_upload” name=”logo.png” data-max-width=”500″ data-max-height=”400″

      You can change data-max-width

      Please be sure to backup your theme before making any changes in case something breaks.

  24. Hi, How can I change the font of the headlines and titles? Also if I want to create a header, what dimension should I create it in?

  25. Is it possible to slow the slideshow down?


    - Ryan
    • Hi Ryan,

      If you have a look in theme.liquid near the bottom you’ll see this


      Be sure to backup your theme before making any changes.

  26. Hey, recently added your theme to our site. First off gotta say, we LOVE it. We are trying to modify a few things and would love tips. First off, at the very top “Cart” and the product price box share the same color. Is there a way to have them two separate colors? Second, where it shows a box for the Blog on the front page, is there a way to add a boarder + change the color of it? Third, when zooming in and out of the page the images that change under the nav creates lines through the changing images. Is that a known problem? And lastly back to the very top, the box that has Home, Blog, About Us and currency, is there a way to change that color of the whole box? Thanks for your response and help. Keep up the great work!

  27. Hi,

    I’m thinking of buying the stoked theme, and I want to customize it but don’t know too much html and css confuses the hell out of me. Is there a website that you recommend that can show me how to use css to customize the theme?
    Thanks a bunch!

    • The theme is quite customizable without css knowledge, depending on what you’re looking to change. If you’d like to provide some details, perhaps I can make the changes for you. Otherwise there are many resources online that can help you learn CSS specifically. Google CSS tutorials.

  28. Pre-sales question – How may slides can be put in rotation on the front page?

  29. Hey Steph,
    I’m on stoked 1.01. How do I upgrade to 1.05?

  30. Quick question. Is there a way to make the product image fill the box in the “Featured Collection” section and the Product page? Right now I’m getting a sizable white border around my image. Thanks.

    - NEA
  31. Hi,

    I am willing to hire you for some minor tweaks, i.e. such as bg slideshow of about 10 images, font and other minor stuff.

    Would that be possible?

  32. HI,

    GREAT theme! I have pretty much been able to figure out everything so far, but I would REALLY like to add sub/sub categories to the menu. Is that possible?

  33. Hello,

    Is there a place for Social Networking Icons in this theme? Facebook primarily.

  34. Hey!

    Is there any way to feature multiple Collections on the front page in the Stoked theme?
    I basically sell drinks of different flavors (organized into one collection) and several diff items of clothing merchandise (which is organized in a different collection.


  35. Hello,
    Where can I change the footer bar color? I’ve looked everywhere!

    - Dave
  36. I purchased the stoked template and am trying to put a large image across the entire background of my homepage, much like the large branch with ladybugs I see on the page I am currently typing on, can you please tell me how to do that?

  37. Hi, unfortunately that is not working for me. I centered the logo by making the image the width of the site (950px), but I am having problems with the spacing above and below the logo. No matter what values I put in, the distance above and below the logo does not change, whether I put in 50px or 500px. If you look at my site you will see my problem, the slideshow/frontpage collection is always up too high and covers part of my logo. Adjusting the header height does not do anything either.

    Thanks for the help.

    • I tried going to look at your site but it’s down. “ could not be opened because the shop’s account has been temporarily frozen”

  38. Hi, I am having problems with the spacing of the header/my logo with the Stoked theme. No matter what values I put for the Logo White space or header height it just stays at the same default value. I was also wondering if there was a way to center the logo as well.


    • Hi Cody, I’ve tested something on my site and am able to get logo up and centered using White Space left of logo ” 230px ” and Header Height (px) ” 120px ” . Tune those settings and you should be good.

  39. please help me asap!!

    Kind Regards

  40. Hi I just got the theme last night and I must say it is amazing. Ive run into one small problem so far and I hope you can help.

    The Drop menu is great but I wanted to lable each section (the links across the screen) by brand and then have links under it. In other words I dont want the bar names to be links just names and if I click or hover then the menu drops. Is that possible?

    • Hey Teddy, not without a tweak to the theme. However if you use # for the first link ( brand name ) in your list it won’t link to anything as a workaround.

  41. I purchased the Stoked Theme today. With default currency CHF and up to 3 variants all the prices are 0.00 in the product overview. In the product itself the prices are displayed correct. But when adding them to the shopping cart a wrong price is taken over. Also currency converter is not working for other currencies. Please help asap

    • Hi Reto, the CHF currency issues has been resolved and uploaded to Shopify. If you’d like to change your theme to fix in case you’ve made some edits. Go to the theme editor, backup your theme first! Open up index.liquid and look for this bit of code class=”funkprice” change to class=”funkprice money”

  42. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing the Stoked theme from Shopify and had a quick question before doing so. Based on the demo, the “weekly specials” boxes on the home page-would I have the option to have just one box at first and then add more as needed?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sylvia, you configure what appears there through the products you put into that collection so yes, if you have 1 product only 1 product will appear.