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Shopify Consultation

How it works

Get your shop fixed up quick in 3 easy steps

1. Contact

Figure out what you need help with.

2. Plan

Pick a maintenance package.

3. Quick turnaround

Voilà, all fixed up!

What it costs

  1. Typical maintenance fees range from $100 to $1000
  2. Skip the line with A VIP consultation for only $20.

Fees are based on hourly rate of $100.


What’s a VIP consultation?

Researching issues takes time and effort and with multiple requests per day, a VIP consultation helps those who require something fixed right away move to the top of the lineup. Also helps assure the sincerity of a maintenance request.

We want your shop fixed up as fast as possible.



What’s included in VIP maintenance?

  1. Discuss and clarify issues, timeline and budget.
  2. Research and layout solutions.
  3. Schedule a time for development.
  4. Propose a package corresponding to your needs.

Skip the lineup

Get VIP help for $20


Have a look around, make sure the shoe fits.

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